Calendar Settings: Properties

When setting up an event or other ministry activity, you can assign unique properties to each. Properties allow you to easily organize and filter events by criteria and even colors for easy recognition. (Think of Properties as ways to 'tag' your events).

For example, create properties named "Public" and "Internal" to separate events displayed on your Public Website and hide events that should only be visible to staff.


Where to Locate Properties

  1. Click Calendar in the left navigation menu.



  1. Click on the calendar settings icon at the top, right corner of the screen.




  1. On the left-hand side of the screen click on Properties.




4. A screen will appear that displays existing Calendar Categories and the Properties underneath each.  




Create a Category and Properties

  1. To create a new Category (this is used to contain other properties), use the text box on the right-hand side. Type in your Category Name and click ADD to update the list.




  1. Then Click in the Property Name text box and type in a name. Select ADD to create the Property inside the Category.




Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to build out your Properties.

Editing Categories and Properties

  • Category → Use the Pencil icon to update the Category name or the Trash Can icon to delete the Category along with the Property(ies) in it.
  • Property → To edit the Property Name, click on the name, and a cursor will appear allowing you to edit. Use the Trash Can icon on the right side of the Property to remove it from the Category.
  • Property → To edit the color of the Property, click on the small square box to the left of the property name and select a desired color.








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