Timeline brings together the recent activity for an individual into an easy to read format. Additionally, it allows searching and reporting on interactions and group membership changes.

Administrators and those with permissions to see Timeline can filter based on relative or specific date ranges, by the Types of events (Attendance, Giving History, Group Membership, Interactions, and Schedule), and Groups.

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Timeline - Seach and Filtering tools

Search and Filtering tools

Quickly find and filter data down by a key search term or text. Expand your search options by changing the data range or adjusting based on the Group(s) the individual may be in.

Assign/Log Interactions

timeline interaction tools

Assign or Log an interaction for an Individual. For more on Interactions, read our help article around this powerful feature that helps keep permissions based notes and touchpoints on your members.

How To Use Interactions

Toggle Filters

timeline filter toggles

Turn these filters on/off to remove whole types of Timeline items. This will quickly reduce the list and allowing searching or review to happen quickly.

Quick Jump

quickly jump to top or bottom of page

The JUMP TO... button is located in the bottom right corner. Use this to rapidly move to the Top of the page, to items done Today, or to the Bottom of the Timeline.


What shows in Timeline?


See the Interactions that are assigned to, completed, or associated with a given member. Review if the interaction is completed or has updated notes.


See the history of when a member was Present or Absent based on individual attendance taken through Check-In or by manually created individual attendance. The color of the Timeline icon changes based on the member being present or absent which makes identification of the activity easy.

Giving History

View when donations were made to a particular fund. The details of the donation will only be in the Giving tab.


View any time a particular member was scheduled for a position through Schedules. Review the status of that particular assignment right in the timeline note.

Group Membership

Groups now include a Group Activity tab which reflects when a person is added or removed from the group. This information is also listed in the member profile for a quick review.

Group Activity




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