Glance Profile Icons and Quick Charts

Glance items are shown on a member's profile when they meet certain criteria that you decide. Keep an eye on metrics that are important to know quickly! Help keep church goals at the forefront as staff and leaders interact with people.

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Setting up Glance will enable this feature for all member profiles in the database. To start the configuration, go to General Settings  → Profile. Glance items will display only for users with permission to see the underlying data. This means no additional permissions setup is needed to see this feature.

Note: As a consideration, if using ad-blocking software, it is recommended to disable it for the whole database. Functions in Glance, like adding, editing, or deleting, may not function correctly.


To get started, click the button to Setup My First Item

Setup first Glance item

Then, select a metric that could be seen on every profile or what aligns with important metrics your organization wants to have a pulse on. The goal is quick viewing so be intentional on the data chosen. The software allows for 8 icon badges and 2 graphs.

Note: Giving-based icons metrics are not available at this time and may come in a future update.

add a new Glance item

Considerations ...

Date items → have the option to make a Date an anniversary item or not. Setting up the date as an anniversary means it will show for a set time and then be removed until the time desired to show it again. If the date is not set as an anniversary, it will always show on the profile.

Attendance → can be set to look at all groups. If the member attends a group, it will make this evident in the graph. Since the goal is quick metrics, the setup is not meant to raise the bar extra if the attendee attends say 5 groups in one week. It is more intended to be quick comparison data on a monthly basis of did the member miss 2 out of 4 weeks or was there an attendance record created for every week of the month.


Click through the modal options to add the Glance items desired. To finish the setup, select the DONE button to add it.

Use the + in the right-hand corner of the setup area to add more items.

If something needs to be removed, click the icon or graph in the Settings area. Then use the Delete Badge on the lower left side to confirm removing the Glance item.



♦ Pastor Terry has emphasized to his team the importance of a personal touch and wants to see when an individual's birthday or baptism anniversary is coming up within three weeks. Glance setup could include

  • Create an icon for "Date or Anniversary → Birthdate in the next 3 weeks"
  • Create an icon for "Date or Anniversary → Baptism in the next 3 weeks"

♦ Pastor Evan has prioritized Adult Small Group involvement and wants to give leaders a way to see whether or not an individual is involved in a group every time they see someone's profile. Glance setup could include

  • First, create a Group View that includes all "small groups" (This is easy if you have an existing group property created)
    • Add and icon or badge for "Group Membership → Views → Small Groups"
    • The member should be a part of one of the groups to have the Glance item appear.
  • Alternatively, use an attendance graph for Small Group attendance (electronically recorded group attendance for small groups will need to be taken)




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