Move a Person to a New Family

When you need to move an individual to a new family, first go to the Individual's page and go to the Family tab. Then use the Pencil Icon to edit the family relationships.

family relationship tab

Use the button Dissolve Family to fully remove everyone or use the 'X' to remove just a single family member.

remove family members

To add the removed member(s) to another family, locate the new family and make sure a primary member is in place. Then, on the Family tab, use the Pencil Icon again to + Add Individuals to Family

add new members

If the person is supposed to be in their own family, use the Family tab to make them the Primary in their own Family.

Search to find the member that was removed from the other family. Select the member to add them. Update other information like their relationship to the primary family member, address, and giving association. Then click SAVE to complete the update.

search for new family members

Marking to 'Group Giving With Family' does NOT bring all the donations together from the moved member. Make sure to follow the consolidate family giving process to finish bringing donations together.

Consolidate Family Giving






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