Using the Campus Feature

Setting up campuses helps define where individuals typically attend your ministry by location. It also allows you to create location-based calendars and donation tracking.

In addition, "Campus" can be changed to fit your organization's terminology. It appears on every individual's record for quick and easy reference. 


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How to Enable the Campus Feature

To use the campus feature, it must first be enabled.

  1. Navigate to Settings.

  1. From the General tab, scroll down to the Campus section.
  2. Here, you can build out your campuses by inputting their names and even arranging the order in which they appear in the drop-down menus when selecting them from other areas of the database.

  1. Click Save.

Note: If a group property was previously used to track campuses, you'll be prompted to convert it to the new system field managed in Settings. 


How to Change the Term Used for Campus

The term used for campus can be changed to reflect your organization's terminology. This also creates an opportunity for churches that don't operate with the campus structure to use the field for alternate purposes. 

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. From the Terminology tab, scroll down to the Campuses Term section.
  3. Type the Plural and Singular terms to be used.
  4. Click Save.

How to Add or Change the Campus for an Individual?

The Campus field is located on each person's individual record under the Profile > Additional Info section. Below are three ways to update it. 

  1. Navigate to Individuals, located on the side menu.
  2. Choose the Individual.
  3. Click the Edit icon.

  1. Choose the Campus from the drop-down menu under Additional Info. section.

  1. Click Save.

Note: Use Advanced Search, then Mass Edit, to populate the Campus field for selected individuals. You can also populate the Campus field by selecting one or more Groups, using the Mass Edit option, and then choosing the Campus to add. 


Where Can Campuses Be Used?

Advanced Search:

From the Advanced Search page, you can filter your results by Campus.


If Campus is being used in the Calendar, engaging the campus feature will not be overwritten. Administrators are presented with the opportunity to map existing calendar campuses to the new system campuses. Once they are complete, editing control of the calendar campus field settings will transfer to the main system settings area. See Calendar Settings: Campuses

Campuses can be assigned to Calendar Events, Rooms, Room Setup, Equipment, Vehicles, Property, and Responsibilities

Groups List:

Use Filter by > Group Properties > Campus to narrow your list. See 5 Tips For Building Great Groups

Use Tri-Dot > Mass Edit > Field > Select Field To Update > Campus > Value to update multiple records with a Campus.   

Group Views:

Use Properties > Campus to view certain campuses. See Groups Views: Save Group Lists

Reporting for Giving:

Use the Campus filter to narrow your search. See Giving Reporting

Reporting for Attendance:

Use Filter by > Group Properties > Campuses to narrow your search.

Reporting for Individuals:

Use the Campus filter to narrow your search.

Reporting for Background Checks:

Use the Tri-Dot > Filter > Campus field to select a Campus. 




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