We're Updating the Groups Page!

The Groups Page will get a new look on Thursday, March 14th!

We've made changes to simplify usage, dramatically increase loading speed, and align the look with other pages. 

New Groups UI Overview.png


What's getting changed? 

We've replaced the Filters Sidebar with a new Filter By dropdown.

Like before, you can select and filter by Group Views and Properties, with the new addition of filtering by Groups if needed!

New Groups Filter Dropdown.png


To improve clarity and organization, we've split the Edit Column into two separate columns, Settings and Actions.

  • Settings Column: At a glance, you can easily see if a Group is set up for Attendance, Check-In, or the Group Finder. 
  • Actions Column: Use the provided icons to edit or duplicate a group.



Last, we've added our standard pagination controls to more easily manage the total groups that are displayed. 






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