Bringing Check-In Settings Together

We're working hard to streamline Check-In Management.

Here's what's New! (so far... ;)


Updated Appearance:

We've updated the look and included both Check-In Stations & Check-In Groups on the same page, making it easy to manage both in the same place!

Updated Look


Filtering & Search:

Expand Check-In Stations and you'll notice we've added the ability to search by station name and hide inactive stations. Quickly filter the list to find just the station you'd like to edit :)



Check-In Groups Display: 

Any Group that's configured for Individual Check-In appears here. Use the provided Search to quickly find a Group then click the Group name to view or edit the settings!

If needed, add additional Check-In Groups by clicking + Groups at the top right! 

Check-In Groups


NOTE: Group Check-In settings can still be managed under Groups just like you're always used to.


(Released November 2022)






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