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The Settings Area allows a variety of edits to be made. Most items that can be configured reside here.


General Settings

The Settings area allows for adjusting a number of broader aspects in the database. Let’s review them together!

To edit your database settings, click the gear icon or hover, and click the word Settings to begin.

General Tab

Under the General tab, you’ll find the “Appearance” area – you can add or edit your church logo here along with deciding where you’d like to display your logo with the provided checkboxes. Also, edit and adjust the database header color.

Additionally, edit your organization’s info, set default formatting preferences for items like phone numbers or email addresses, and enable multi-campus features here.

Terminology Tab

Adjusting the Terminology tab settings allows you to rename key areas to suit your organization.

Rename your Groups and Group Terms, Members and Member terms, or State and Zip code can be set to your country preference. Rename Giving Categories and Category terms, plus Campuses terms. Use the help text under each field for considerations around updating each field.

Making changes here will update the navigation and other areas of software with these changes.

Groups Tab

Under Groups you can add, edit or remove group properties (which comes in handy regarding group filtering,) along with the option to enable the Group Finder. The Group Finder is a great feature that will allow your members to find groups in their area, such as small groups, according to their interests.

The Group Views feature is also enabled here.  Group views allow you to create a saved list of groups that can be used throughout Your ChMS and shared with multiple users.

Profile Tab

Profile settings provide options regarding the individuals in your ChMS. Glance items, for example, are shown on a member's profile when they meet certain criteria that you decide, such as church membership, small group involvement, and/or birthdays.  Configurable fields provide the ability to add custom information, which is viewable on Individual profiles, beyond the default fields in your ChMS. There are two categories of fields: date fields and text fields.

Attendance Tab

The attendance tab is where you’ll find the ability to create custom excused absence options, should your organization choose to use them when taking individual attendance.

Check-in Tab

Use the Check-in tab to add or edit the check-in stations and their settings. Refer to our help article “How to Manage Check-In” for more information on this area.

Interactions Tab

Under the Interactions tab, you will create your organization’s interaction types. Some are provided by default, but you can customize this further by adding more. Click and hold to drag the interaction types into the order in which you would like them to appear on the Assign and Log pages.

Giving Tab

The Giving tab Settings provide several options regarding giving management:

  • Giving Options and Categories or Funds
  • Your Giving Letter Template (which serves as the giving statement for your organization’s contributors)
  • Giving Letter Email Template (the digital template for emailing your giving statements electronically)
  • Quickbooks Export Settings OR Financials User Sync Settings and Financials Account Sync Settings (the Financials options appear when you have purchased and integrated our accounting software)
  • Consolidate Family Giving tool.
  • Pledging (to create and edit campaigns.)

Click on each to expand its options.

Services Tab

The Services tab contains applicable third-party services which are available as integrations with your database, such as mass sms and voice communication, background checks, and more.





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