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An aggregate is a group of groups. These can be very useful for attendance purposes. Attendance is usually taken by class. But, usually you want to know how many people were at something in total. You can create an aggregate for all of your classes, and it will total up the attendance. You can also make an aggregate that contains other aggregates.

For instance, let's say you already have an aggregate that has the groups for children's Sunday School that contains all the children groups. Additionally you have an aggregate for adult Sunday School which contains all the adult classes, that means that you can create an aggregate for all Sunday School that contains the previous two aggregates.

This lets you see totals for children, adults, and overall attendance.

There is a report for these under Reports → Attendance.


Create Aggregates

  1. Navigate to Groups and then click the Aggregates tab.
  2. Now, click the Add link.
  3. Give your Aggregate a name, and choose whether or not this aggregate will use groups that collect individual attendance or total attendance. Aggregates can parent groups that either collect individual attendance or total attendance, but not both. After you choose which kind you want to include, a list of all your groups and aggregates that meet that specification will appear.
  4. Select the groups and/or the other aggregates that will comprise this aggregate.
  5. Click Save.




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