Background Check & Protect My Ministry Overview and Setup


An industry leader in protection services, we've integrated with Protect My Ministry to help keep your children and ministry safe.

Simply establish an account then submit a background check request directly from an individual's profile. Then easily track and manage background checks from Reports, Groups, or Individual Profiles.

Estimates show that 90% of sex offenders don’t have criminal records. By educating your team on how to identify common signs of abuse, you will be more prepared to prevent it from happening in your own ministry. Help Prevent Abuse with Child Safety Training.


Create An Account with Protect My Ministry

  • Navigate to any individual's Profile screen in your ChMS Software.

  • Select the Tri-Dot icon next to their name, then select "Order Background Check." On the screen that appears, click the link provided to sign up for an account. 


  • In the new browser tab that opens, complete the form provided. 

  • After Protect My Ministry has established your account, you'll be provided a username/password you can enter to enable integration.

  • Navigate to General Settings → Services and scroll down to the PROTECT MY MINISTRY section.


  • Select the Enabled Radio button and insert the username/password you were provided. Afterward, make sure to scroll to the bottom and click Save.


  • Congratulations! Your ChMS has been integrated with Protect My Ministry!

Pro-Tip: For additional setup guidance, please see background check configuration settings and select which users should have permission to submit and view background checks.


How to Order A Background Check

You may order a background check for either an individual or a group. If you would like to receive instructions on how to order a background check for an individual, please continue reading the section called Ordering a Background Check for an Individual below. (Click here to see how to order a background check for a group).


Order a Background Check for an Individual

The first step to ordering a background check is to locate the individual. The following steps guide you through locating “John Doe” and selecting the option to order a Background Check.

  1. Click on the Search option on the top menu or under the member's area along the left navigation bar. Type the full first or last name of the person you are searching for. There is also the option to search with a part of the person's name. It takes 3 letters to start the search. Click their name in the results to open their profile.

  1. Notice you are on the View (Profile) tab by default (Ordering a background check can only be accessed from the View tab.) Click the Three Dots next to the individual's name and then select the Order Background Check option.


Troubleshooting PMM Integration:

If you receive an error about an invalid username and password, please contact Protect My Ministry by email at or call (800) 319-5581 (Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM EST). They will need to confirm that you are a client and that the username and password are correct. Please contact our Support team for any other errors you receive.


For instructions on how to review the results of the background checks, see View a Background Check for an Individual or View Background Checks for a Group. 




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