Offline Check-In Mode

Offline check-in provides an option to run check-in even if your internet connection isn't perfect or if you don't have a network connection at all.

The iOS Check-In app is the only way to process check-ins in offline mode. This is most commonly used on an iPad for space, but can be used on an iPhone as well though obviously much less convenient. This requires iOS 9.0 or later but otherwise will work on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

To use offline mode, follow these instructions

  1. Download and install by searching for the ChMS's check-in app in the app store.
  2. Sign in using the appropriate subdomain and then the login credentials for the user running check-in.
  3. Connect to the internet for the initial data sync prior to offline usage.
  4. Tap "Online" at the bottom right corner and select "Yes" to Enable offline mode.
  5. When finished checking in, reconnect the system to the internet to sync check-ins.

Note: Labels can be printed offline. This only happens if the iPad is connected to the same local network as the printer and the printer is compatible with the iOS Check-In App.



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