Setting Up and Troubleshooting Godex Printer


A walkthrough for downloading your GoDex DT4 or DT4x printer driver and the settings to work with check-in on a Windows computer. Included are troubleshooting steps if the printer is not out-putting labels properly.

NOTE: Make sure to review your Check-In station settings and select the GoDex printer option that best fits your printer label type.

Download the appropriate driver from below for your computer and operating system:

DT4x (all dark-colored housing) and DT4 (light-colored body with dark lid)
Drivers for Check-In Printers

Run through the driver install process.

Configure your Labels:

Plug the printer in.

Next, you'll need to assign the proper label size

  1. On your computer, open the "Devices and Printers" screen.
  2. Right click on the GoDex printer and select "Printer Properties."
  3. On the "General" tab of the printer properties window select "Preferences."
  4. In the first tab, at the top, select the "NEW" button and input 3” for the width and 2” for the height. (Name it whatever you’d like - Ex: Check-In Labels)
  5. Click OK
  6. Go to the "Stock" tab and under Media Handling > Post Print Action, select CUT from the first drop-down box (if the printer supports this).
  7. In the next drop-down that appears, select "After every label," or "After Job." (We recommend "After Job" as this option results in a single strip of labels per check-in and saves time). 
  8. Click APPLY and OK.
  9. Click OK to close the Properties window and save the settings.

IMPORTANT : After completing the above...

  1. Right click on the GoDex printer and select "Printer Properties."
  2. Select the "Advanced" tab and click the "Printing Defaults" button.
  3. Follow steps 4-9 from above.


Calibrate the Printer

  • Make sure you have labels in the printer and inserted partway into the exit slot
  • Power the printer off
  • Close the lid
  • Hold the yellow advance feed button on the lid with the power off
  • While holding the button turn the power on to the printer
  • Wait until the printer beeps three times and the light flashes red then release the button
  • The printer will spit out some information on the labels

Go back to the printer properties box and click the "Print Test Page" button

When the test page prints you will hear a cutting noise and the label will fall out of the printer.

NOTE: the correct orientation of the label is the upper left corner with some of the left and top missing or cut off.


If the Labels are not cutting correctly

  • Go to the Printer Properties
  • then go to the "Advanced" tab and then 'Printer Defaults"
  • On the "Page Setup" tab, make sure that the Stock is set to 3x2
  • Then go to the "Stock" tab and to the "Position Adjustments" at the bottom
  • Uncheck the box that says "Use current Printer settings" and then in the Stop position, put in 1.06. Then click "Apply". 


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