Group Settings Options: Check-In

There are a number of options for you to enable when creating a group or by performing an Edit at a later point. The options are based on different features available in the database to increase the interaction with your members and enable your members to interact with each other.

Group Feature Icons

The feature icons on the far right side are helpful indicators when scanning your list of groups. If you see the 'checked clipboard' icon, that means Check-in has been enabled for this group. 




Individual Attendance |   Check-In

Selecting the Track Individual Attendance option means that attendance needs to be taken on an individual basis (either manually or by using RFID cards). If you don't select this option, the only attendance that can be entered for this group is a single overall number total of people in attendance. Typically, Invidivual Attendance is used for small groups like Bible Studies and choir practices, and the total attendance option is used for large gatherings like a worship service.

Group Check-In settings

Selecting the Use for Check-In button will allow people to use the check-in kiosks (browser-based or app-based), use MinistyOne check-in integration, or the membership admin app. This is a powerful feature to make your ministry attendance tracking automated. Find out more with our full article on how to set up and use Check-In. A prerequisite is that the Individual Attendance option must also be selected above.


Use With Browser Self Check-In

This is an older method that has largely been replaced by Kiosk check-in. The last option is to allow this group to be linked with the Self Check-in feature which relies on members to go to a particular web address and login.


Find more information on how to manage Check-in here.





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