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Field Sets allow for easy groupings of fields in a form and quickly add multiple sets of those groupings by the registrant. Groups of fields are used to collect similar sets of information from a web Form registrant like a prayer request, child information for an event, or member details to name a couple examples. Field Sets also provide additional flexibility to the total registrations available against submissions. Export options are also expanded for the CSV downloaded with Form data to allow for easier data management.

field set fields

Editing Fields

Along the right side of the form editor window are standard controls to move the field up or down in its placement on the form, duplicate the field, edit the field properties, or delete the field from the form.



Since Field Sets are a collection of other fields, the color styling for the fields editing tools inside the field set will change so you can identify them from the other available fields in the form.

different feild editing colors

Types of Field Sets

• Basic

The basic field set can be used to collect simple information multiple times. This is particularly useful in scenarios where total registrations do not need to be tallied against the total submissions as data is usually just informational in nature.

Some examples would be in the situation of generic prayer requests or collection of education information. Say the goal is education information. Create a field set with individual fields for the name of the institution, year of completion, and type of program. The registrant can add as many of these groupings (field sets) as they want while filling out the form.



• Person

Person field sets expand on Basic field sets. They come with a name field and a base amount option by default. This means you will always have the name collected for a person when using a person field set. There is not a need to use the base amount field property built into the field set, but it is a helpful way to have a per-person cost for each person registered.




Just like Basic field sets, additional fields can be added to a Person field set by dragging and dropping them in.

Use Person field sets whenever the need to collect registrations or submissions is centered around people specific information or where there could be a variable number of registrants needing to be added. Common use cases would be permission forms, t-shirt sales with an event, etc. 


Features Based on Field Sets

NOTE: Both field set types can have conditional logic applied inside of the grouped fields container. Of special consideration is that one field set cannot be nested inside of another. This is the line that conditional logic bridges to allow for expanding the options a user has when filling out a field.


Max Registrations Flexibility

Now that Forms (through the use of Person field sets) know the number of people who are reflected on a form, the maximum number of registrations that can be collected is able to be defined. This is different from the total number of submissions made. Because of field sets, one Form submission could have five registrants on it. A limit can be set on that total registrant number and this setting can be found under Form Properties > Submission. Look for the field titled 'Maximum Number of Registrants'.

One particular scenario that is common for a use case like this is child event registrations. In these forms the organization wants to collect parent/guardian information, maybe an emergency contact, and then register the child(ren) from the given family. Now the organization has the added flexibility to still collect the adult information and NOT have this apply to the total registrations made. Instead, only the child submissions are tallied toward the Maximum Number of Registrants allowed. If there is a defined number, the Form will close once it has reached capacity.



Export Options

Field sets also have special considerations for the data export. When exporting to a CSV, additional options are given to export results with: one line per form submission, one line per field set, or person registered. This provides for much easier importing into other systems and the counting of results.






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