Enable SMS & Voice Messaging Services

Stay ahead by communicating what's most important in real-time.

Text and Voice Messaging ensures everyone is in the loop. 



  1. Go to Settings (More) → Services.


  2. Under the SMS & Voice Messaging heading, input your information, then click Sign Up.

    Note: Caller ID Name & Number is the number that will appear on the recipient's caller ID when sending Voice messages. Typically this is the Name/Number of the church. 

  3. You're Done! Navigate back to Groups → Mass Contact and the SMS & Voice options should now be selectable. Try sending your first text!

    Note: All text messages will be sent from the following shortcode: 22383

    First Time? See a quick video overview: Text Messaging  |  Voice Messaging



• Is there a cost to Text & Voice Messages? 

As part of your package, we include 500 SMS/Voice credits every month. In other words, that's 1000 text messages or 500 voice messages (or mix/match). 

1 Credit - 1 Voice Message or 2 Text-Messages


  • Sending "Morning Services are canceled" via SMS text to 36 recipients uses 18 credits.
  • Sending an audio message about why the morning services are canceled to 36 recipients uses 36 credits.


• What happens if I exceed 500 credits?

We will automatically add 500 more credits for $15. Again, that's 1000 text messages or 500 voice-messages (or mix/match).


• What happens when someone replies to my text message? 

Text message responses are delivered as an email to the primary email address of the person who SENT the SMS.

Note: Text message responses also count towards your credit total. 

Example: If four people reply via text, 2 additional credits are used. (Remember, 1 text message uses one-half of a credit).  


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