Finding & Exporting Form Responses

You've built an excellent form, you've collected the necessary information, now here is how you can find it!

Whether you've used forms to collect prayer requests or t-shirt sizes, you'll likely need to access and share that information. On the main Forms Manager page, locate the Responses column.


You can click right on that number of responses, and you'll be directed to an internal spreadsheet of collected data.

From here, you export a CSV file (spreadsheet) of your responses to share or print by clicking the Export as CSV button at the bottom right corner.

You can also edit, view, save or print individual forms as they were completed by the registrant or donor by clicking on the Created date. You can select to print or save only the Raw Data if that's helpful. Note: not all form response fields can be edited. Payment fields are blocked for edits by design.

Finally, if you scroll to the farthest right hand column, you'll notice an option to Delete a response. This will directly impact your set capacity for Event Registration forms. If you choose to delete a form response, this will open up a space for a new registration, it will not, however, automatically refund a payment. You'll need to refund a registrant's payment from your Transactions report.




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