Forms Manager Overview

Click the Forms menu item in the left-hand navigation to open the Forms Manager. When your Forms Manager opens, all active forms will be listed. If you have a linked Online Giving account that also has Forms, they will be available for you to use or modify in the Database also. 


There are a few key features of the Form Management window which makes finding, filtering, and acting on your forms easy.


Filter and Search Bar

Use this filter tool to search for a form by name, filter the status of a form, or filter forms by their category selected in the Form Properties


Quickly update the Publish status of a form: use the STATUS column and click on Published to change it. Make the form Unpublished or Archive to remove it from the Active list. Then use the filters above to find these forms again when they are needed so a new copy can be made.


Edit, View Responses, and Actions

Click on the name of the form to open it and edit or review the fields added.


Select the responses link to review the submissions made (the overall responses are listed and then the number in bold is the number of unread submissions).


Use the Action options to perform a number of quick tasks. 







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