Member Attendance Viewing Options

Aside from running a report, there is also the option to view the individual attendance for a single member. You can view the attendance for any member by clicking their name in an attendance report, or by going to the Timeline tab in their profile.





Get important stats on a member profile like a simple attendance graph or other important church data when you set up Glance!

Setup Glance

From a Report

To see an individual's attendance from a Report, an example is the By Session Report, go to Reports → Attendance → By Session → [Open the Name of a Group] → and click the member's name. This will bring you to their profile where you can select the Timeline tab and see their history.

You can also search and find the member record directly (from the simple search or the header bar search) and select the Timeline tab to achieve the same result.




If a member has a lot of attendance history to multiple groups, there are filter tools available right at the top of the Timeline. Click the buttons to toggle the date range and the Group(s) to filter by.

Timeline Details

Other Uses

This area is also helpful in combination with the Session Report to update a member record from being a Visitor to being marked as Present. To get details on making these adjustments, review the bottom part of the Session Report article to find more information.






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