Non-Givers Report

If you need to find a report of people who have not been giving, first you will need to create a group of those that have been giving. Navigate to Reports → Giving → Detail. Then use the buttons to filter for the time range and Group(s) then hit Apply.

For more on filtering review our help material on Giving Reporting

Use the tri-dot menu icon to select "Add or Remove from Groups".




In the group dropdown below the "Take Action on these People," Select a group that was previously created or select at the top Add A New Group and give the group a name. For example, this is a group called 'Active Givers'.




Click GO to add these people to the group. 

Next, go to the Advanced Search or the Query Search. In the "Not in Groups" selection, choose the new group that you created.  This will list all those who have not given because they are not in the group you have selected. You can now use the tri-dot icon to add them to a new group.  You now have a filtered result for all those who have not given.

You may additionally want to filter your group for adults, primary & spouse, or even by membership status.





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