Emailing Giving Statements

When Giving Statements are emailed, the recipient receives a customizable cover email and an attached PDF Giving Statement. (example below). 




(1) Customize Your Cover Email

Manage your cover email by navigating to Settings > Giving > Giving Letter Email Template.




Use the email editor to update your Cover Letter Email and the provided placeholders to insert custom name options and dates dynamically. Once you're satisfied, click Save.


Giving Letter Email Template Screen.png


How to send a Giving Statement is important.
What you say is importanter!

Your Giving Statement is a tremendous opportunity to thank and engage the volunteers and donors who make your ministry possible.

Read Me! Four tips to write a simple and engaging cover letter


(2) How to Email Your Statements

Emailing your end-of-year tax statements is quick and easy with the Giving Details​ report. Follow the steps below to generate statements that can be emailed to donors quickly.

1. Click on Reports → Giving → Detail

2. Click on the Date filter and choose the appropriate option, such as Last Year or Date Range.


 3. Choose other criteria as needed then click Apply to filter the results.

Filter Criteria

4. Click the download icon and choose Email Statements from the menu.


5. Choose the Giving Template, if you have more than one, from the drop-down menu. The template you choose will be attached to your email as a PDF. (Learn how to Customize Your Giving Statement). 


6. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and choose how to Sort the statements if there are any to print, by Name or Zip Code. If you have individuals with an active pledge but have not donated to that pledge, during the specified date range, a checkbox will appear to include them.  Click Go.                                                                      


7. From the Email Individual Giving Statements screen, the number of individuals or organizations without an email address will appear. Use the two buttons to Print Statements and Labels for donors without email.




8. When ready, click Send Emails. A message will display, "Creating and sending the statements can be time-consuming; please be patient..." This will display until all of the emails have been sent.  

Note: For families where giving is grouped together, both the primary contact and spouse will receive your emailed statements.




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