Transfer a Single Giving Donation

Sometimes a single donation needs to be moved from one member to another. This can be for situations like …


The following steps walk through how to make this giving record transfer from one member profile to another

The Process

First, identify which member record has the wrong transaction on their profile and then determine where it should go. In our example, we will move a gift from Jack Smith to Samantha Smith.

After locating Jack's profile, go to the Giving tab. Then locate the donation that needs to be transferred.


Once the contribution is found, use the pencil icon on the far right side to edit the line.

donation edit icon

The next modal that pops up shows all the details of the contribution. Use the → Transfer Gift link to search for member the giving record will be moved to.

gift modal for editing the contribution

Using the link presents a search box to find the member record. Search and click, or arrow down and press enter, to select the new profile the gift will go to.

search to find member profile

After entering and selecting the profile to transfer the gift to, complete the gift move by clicking the Save.

Find the member profile where the gift went. If it went to a family where the Giving is consolidated, the record will show up on the main family members giving history.

Consolidate Family Giving




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